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Our Aim

Our aim is to support and sustain midwifery services for rural communities

This service was established by the NZ College of Midwives and the Midwifery and Maternity Providers Organisation (MMPO) with funding from the Ministry of Health to ensure that:

  • There is an appropriately qualified rural maternity workforce sufficient to meet demand for maternity services in  rural areas.
  • Rural women have confidence that they will be able to access high-quality and safe maternity care.
To achieve this, we have developed processes to increase the LMC rural midwifery workforce to a level sufficient to meet demand and improve retention of the LMC rural midwifery workforce.
The service of three parts:
Locum service:  
  • Locum midwifery cover - both planned and emergency
  • Access to available locum midwives
  • Service administration
  • Bookings and payment for locum midwives
Professional Support Services
  • Mentorship for rural midwives.
  • Introductions and payment for professional midwifery mentors.
  • Access to the Mentor Midwife Register.
Recruitment & Grants
  • LMC midwives into rural LMC workforce ‘hot spots’,
  • Support and funding to establish rural LMC midwifery practices in shortage areas
  • Support and funding to relocate an LMC midwife to an existing rural establishment area experiencing a shortage
For further information
Freephone: 0800 MIDWIFE, 0800 643 9433
Or email:


"I just got back from holiday and just want to thank you so so much for getting me a locum. Thanks so much. The woman were very impressed with my replacement…




All services are subject to eligibility criteria and/or availability. Register your interest to recieve or provide services through the Rural Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Service.




Phone. 0800 MIDWIFE/0800 643 9433
Fax. +64 3 353 1167