Have You Considered Setting Up A Practice In A Rural Location?

The LMC’s we have assisted into rural LMC practice tell us they couldn’t have done it without our support.

We have funding available to assist and support the establishment of LMC practice in rural and remote rural locations in New Zealand.

The establishment grant is designed to attract and encourage two or more midwives to establish an LMC midwifery practice in a rural locality in which no current LMC practices exist. This may or may not involve the midwives physically moving to the locality.   The purpose of this grant is to encourage midwives to develop sustainable and viable LMC rural midwifery practices.

Would You Like To Move To A Rural Location And Join A Local LMC Practice?

We have relocation funding available to assist LMC’s who are considering moving to a rural or remote rural locality in New Zealand.

The placement grant is designed to attract and encourage LMC midwives to move for at least three years to rural localities that have been experiencing LMC midwifery shortages. The purpose of this grant is to recruit and relocate experienced LMC midwives into the specific rural localities to establish and maintain a viable service. On completion of their three year placement the midwife will have the option of staying or moving to another three year placement.


"I just got back from holiday and just want to thank you so so much for getting me a locum. Thanks so much. The woman were very impressed with my replacement…




All services are subject to eligibility criteria and/or availability. Register your interest to recieve or provide services through the Rural Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Service.




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