Establishment Grant

Eligibility Criteria

This grant is available for two or more midwives to establish a rural LMC midwifery practice in a rural locality in which there are currently no LMC midwife practices currently established.  The intention of the grant is to support midwives to establish shared practice arrangements which will be sustainable in the long term and financially viable, whilst ensuring adequate support and time off. This may involve midwives moving to the rural locality to commence LMC practice, or it may involve midwives already living within the locality changing practice type (i.e moving from a core midwifery role to an LMC role), or midwives who are currently practicing as LMCs in sole practice arrangements establishing  a shared practice arrangement with other midwives.

The following criteria must be met in order for midwives to qualify for a Practice Establishment Grant.

The midwives:

  • Are  intending to practice in a locality in which there is a quantified shortage of LMC midwives
  • Intend to provide LMC services to local women within the locality
  • Intend to remain practising as LMCs  in the locality for at least 3 years
  • Plan to birth most women locally
  • Are willing to build up to a caseload of at least 20 women each over the first 12 months and ideally develop and maintain a caseload of about 40 women per year (or less by negotiation)
  • Demonstrate that they are willing to work collegially with each other in a midwifery practice arrangement that is sustainable and financially viable
  • Agree that they will maintain a  24 hour / 7 day  a week primary maternity service for the locality 
  • Demonstrate that they have made contact with any other local midwives and maternity service providers to determine that a viable caseload is available and to build relationships and networks
  • Agree to use MMPO Maternity Notes and Practice Management System for all women they provide LMC care to
  • Agree to provide 6 monthly reports to the RMRRS on the service being provided for the duration of the  placement
  • Agree to receive mentorship from a rural midwife mentor (provided by the RMRRS) for the first 12 months of the placement

Ideally no Establishment Grant will have been previously provided to any midwives practicing within the same locality, but case by case exceptions can be considered.

Application Approval Process

In order to apply for this grant, the LMC midwife needs to:

  1. Complete the Establishment Grant Application Form
  2. Complete the Practice Establishment Business Plan template
  3. Agree to the conditions of the Grant and the associated Contract.
  4. The application form and Business Plan will be assessed by the RMRRS Advisory Group. This process may include RMRRS Advisory Group verifying the information provided by the midwives with individuals who are from the region the midwives are intending to practice in (such as DHB staff, midwives and service providers).
  5. There are a limited number of grants that can be administered each financial year. Therefore each application is assessed for its suitability and then prioritised in relation to the shortage of midwives in the area and the remoteness of the area.
    Applications are assessed within the quarter they are received in and approved or declined at the end of that quarter. An application that has been declined may be reassessed in the following quarter if insufficient new applications have been received or the declined application has greater priority than any new applications received.

Service commencement

Following approval, a commencement date is agreed and the Contract and Service and Funding Schedule co-signed by both the midwives and the RMRRS Co-ordinator.  Payments are made in 3 separate installments over a 12 month period (subject to meeting contract requirements).  The funding is paid to the midwives as a collective, into a bank account nominated by the practice. It is then up to the midwife members of the practice to determine how the funds are disbursed amongst the various practice members, and what the funds should be spent on. Once the paperwork is completed, the midwives will:

  1. Commence service provision with the appropriate Access Agreements and required midwifery resources.
  2. Arrange mentorship which is paid through the Rural Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Service.
  3. Provide reports at 6 and 12 monthly intervals prior to receiving remaining installments

We look forward to receiving your application.


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