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Mentoring is a unique relationship which provides a rural LMC midwife the opportunity to explore and reflect on their practice.

Whilst midwives already have colleagues within their practice locality that they talk to often, the mentoring relationship does not replace that collegial support but adds another dimension. The mentoring relationship is an opportunity for the midwife to discuss and be guided in their everyday practice as a rural midwife. The mentor midwife is expected to listen, challenge and support the rural midwife and create the opportunity to reflect and explore their practice as a rural midwife.  It’s a great opportunity to explore sustainability within rural settings and the midwife’s own professional development especially if they are in a geographically isolated area of New Zealand.

The Mentoring service is designed to provide up to 22 hours of mentorship within a 12 month period to a rural LMC midwife by an experienced midwife mentor who is on the National Rural Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Service register.

 A rural LMC midwife is likely to be eligible for mentorship if they meet the following criteria:

  • approx 50% of the caseload consists of rural and/or remote women (based on Section 88 definitions)
  • is not receiving mentorship as part of the Midwifery First Year of Practice Programme.

In order to be given the opportunity to choose a midwife mentor, midwives are required to:

  1. Complete an application form to request a mentor and confirm.
  2. Choose a midwife mentor from the approved Mentors on the RMRRS mentor register, or you may have already chosen a mentor.
  3. Complete the mentorship contract terms (discussed below).

Following approval to receive mentorship, the rural LMC midwife will choose and make contact with a midwife mentor and negotiate a contract based on the template provided. This agreement will include the commitment to: 

  • Meet face-face at the start of the mentoring relationship so that you can negotiate your own development needs and gain an understanding of how it will work for both of you.
  • Receive a minimum of 5&1/2 hours of mentoring every three months for a 12 month duration
  • Complete a written mentoring agreement that includes up to 22 hours of mentorship.

Payment to the mentor will be made by the service on completion of stated components of the service. A set travel and communication subsidy will be funded each quarter for the mentee. (subject to contract requirements of the mentor).


"I just got back from holiday and just want to thank you so so much for getting me a locum. Thanks so much. The woman were very impressed with my replacement…




All services are subject to eligibility criteria and/or availability. Register your interest to recieve or provide services through the Rural Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Service.




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