Join a Rural Midwifery Practice in South Canterbury


 I have been practising in South Canterbury since 2008, and have built up a lovely local practice, centered on Geraldine, with clients in the Temuka, Timaru and Fairlie areas.  My current partner/back-up is leaving to have a baby and will not wish to return to full time practice, so I need to attract another midwife to the area. My profile can be found on NZCOM findyourmidwife, and Rhiannon Fitzgerald and Debbie Hayes have offered to give me a reference. Both have worked with me in recent years.

 I have access agreements to South Canterbury (Timaru) and to Canterbury DHB, (Ashburton), but use Timaru Hospital secondary care unit for almost all the hospital births. My clinic rooms are located at the front of my property in the middle of Geraldine, and I keep busy, booking up to 6 families per month, taking time off twice a year, and relying on my back-up and RMRR for periods of absence from home.  I take a wide ranging caseload with some planned home births, lots of local families, and some complex high risk pregnancies, which I manage with support from the local obstetric specialists.  I host student midwives for rural and elective placements and thoroughly enjoy living in and serving a small town community. There is one other pair of midwives in the practice, both of whom have been in practice here for a very long time. Another practice of four midwives is also being established in Timaru, and in addition to this total of eight LMC midwives, there are two LMC obstetricians practising in Timaru Hospital.  Together we provide care for approximately 650 birth per year. 

 I am looking for an LMC midwife who will bring experience and enthusiasm for rural midwifery, is wanting to build a full caseload, and will be able to offer me support in my practice.  I can offer to share what I have and to help establish another midwife in this most beautiful and welcoming community. A new partner could be established in any of the small towns, or in Timaru with equal ease. All are great places to live. 

 I can be contacted on,  or on 021 334 254

Midwives from outside the district could be eligible for a relocation grant from the rural Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Service. Please call us on 0800midwife to discuss your eligibility for Relocation/Placement Support

Contact RMRR Service for further details. Phone 0800Midwife or 0800 643 9433 to indicate the listing you are interested in, please quote the Date and Town.


"I just got back from holiday and just want to thank you so so much for getting me a locum. Thanks so much. The woman were very impressed with my replacement…




All services are subject to eligibility criteria and/or availability. Register your interest to recieve or provide services through the Rural Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Service.




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