Join a Rural Midwifery Practice in Waikato

Expanding Rural Waikato Needs Another Midwife
Why Waikato?   Central to many great holiday destinations such as the Coramandel, Bay of Plenty, Waihi and Raglan. Great lifestyle, wonderful weather most of the time, fabulous schools and lots of collegial support.
Population:  Waikato’s population is increasing due to the influence of raising house prices in Auckland which is sending more investors and families south to Waikato to seek cheaper accommodation. Obviously this has a knock on effect to the rising birth-rates in Hamilton and North Waikato and as I work mainly in North Waikato I am extremely busy.  
Secondary Care Unit:  Waikato Hospital has a large team of consultants, registrars, experienced midwives and new forward thinking plans to improve women’s care all aimed at supporting LMCs, birthing units and minimal intervention.
I am an experienced Midwife/Nurse who trained in the UK nearly 30 years ago with an interests in sexual health, fertility and community networking. I have a holistic approach to both disciplines, practicing mainly in the rural and remote rural community, birthing units (x 3) and homebirths but have access to 5 birthing units and Waikato hospital.
I do mostly home visits as many women do not have transport to get to a clinic appointment, but I do have a clinic fully set up in Huntly for a midwife that prefers clinic appointments.
It would be great to share this challenging community with another experienced midwife passionate about holistic care. Ideally someone who is accepting of others and flexible in her approach to meet the needs of the community.
Midwives from outside the area could be eligible for a relocation grant through RMRR.

Please phone me for a chat to discuss further - Trudie Lauder cell: 0272734550 or email:

The beautiful Coromandel has the opportunity for two more LMC Midwives to come and work with an experienced remote rural midwife. This ‘team’ will be caring for a community of diverse population and geographical location which will be supported by the local Thames Birthing Unit, Waikato DHB and Midwifery Rural Recruitment in establishing this sustainable rural model.

Key points:

  • Midwife could be from the scope of new grad to an experienced midwife, but  has  to have a passion to expand knowledge, confidence,  experience in all facets of rural midwifery, including physiological birthing, water birth & home birth.
  • Regular time off and sharing of clients between the three team midwives, co-ordinated by each LMC.
  • New custom-built birthing unit at Thames with wonderful 24/7 support.
  • Sharing innovative ways to work as midwives to nurture and achieve a work/life balance plus serving the community of birthing women.

For further information please contact:

Karen Donald


Midwives from outside the district could be eligible for a relocation grant from the rural Midwifery Recruitment and Retention Service. Please call us on 0800midwife to discuss your eligibility for Relocation/Placement Support

Contact RMRR Service for further details. Phone 0800Midwife or 0800 643 9433 to indicate the listing you are interested in, please quote the Date and Town.


"I just got back from holiday and just want to thank you so so much for getting me a locum. Thanks so much. The woman were very impressed with my replacement…




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